September 19, 2012

For The Gang

Dear lil cousin gang: 
I'm sorry i will always be the awkward one photo-bombing all your "lets look sweet and innocent" pictures. I guess it's just my calling in life. haha love you guys! 
{Cait, this is the one i was describing to you}
 Love P 
{excuse me while i still go laugh about my weirdness... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah} 


  1. Paisley, I don't think that that rose is meant to go up your nose! Just saying...

  2. I love how much you in this picture could be Chantell these days...

  3. haha what can i say? it must run in the family. (:

  4. I just noticed this. You and I are both being evil in this picture. What is up with that?

  5. Hahah no Cait your look is more like..."this rose is too beautiful. How can I ever contain myself?! " ;)


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