The Girl

Hey There! 
Whether you’re new to my blog or not, I’m sure glad you've stopped by. I’m Paisley Warren, a twenty two year old girl living in Southern Utah. This is my blog about life, laughter, and everything in between. 

Meaning Behind the Title: 
 For a majority of my life, I’ve lived on a beautiful lane lined on both sides with giant sycamore trees. It’s here on this lane that I really became Paisley Warren, for better or for worse, and it’s become a home that will forever be in my heart. Sycamore Lane has been the home for heartbreak, happiness, and hope in my life. It is my hope that as life continues, I will still be the same girl from Sycamore Lane that spent summer mornings splashing through the irrigation ditches and playing ghost in the graveyard during all hours of the night. 

 Why I Blog:
 I started this blog the summer before my senior year of high school so that I could share and record the adventures that life takes me on. Blogging satisfies my thirst for three things: photography, journaling, and sharing experiences with others. Sometimes I wonder if posting personal things is healthy, but there is something so wonderful about putting all your thoughts and feelings out there for the world to read. To be vulnerable, but in control at the same time, it’s a beautiful thing. 

What Keeps Me Blogging
 The fact that I am experiencing the same things as other people in the world is a force that keeps me writing post after post. It’s my hope that someone can read about my struggles, successes, and experiences and that they will feel like they are not the only one. Another reason why I keep blogging is so that I can remember all the fun and lessons I’ve learned over the years. So often, I get lost in the craziness of life and forget blessings I've received or good experiences that I've had. Being able to look back on these experiences that I've documented through this blog has become one of my greatest joys. 

Sometimes it’s good to remember all that you have been blessed with. 
Love P

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