Apr 7, 2017

Saying Goodbye to SUU

Well, it's official! This girl is all done with student teaching + is totally ready for graduation on Friday. My last day of student teaching was April 7th, and it was definitely a bittersweet moment! I have loved both of my placements and feel that I grew so much into my own style of teaching. It's been so fun to see "my kids" around town and get big hugs from them. Those are the things I will be craving over the summer!

 It's crazy to think that my time at SUU is done, because I swear it just started. I mean, this was basically yesterday right?! With graduation just three days away, I've been thinking about all the change I've been through during my four years here going to school. I remember being so excited to graduate high school and get started on my next adventure. Throughout the next few years, I would experience so many things that helped me stretch, grow, and become more myself.

I had some really good roommates, some really bad roommates, and some that are still my best friends. I've survived an overflowing kitchen sink, crazy roommate boyfriend drama, stupid girl fights, and homesickness. I've learned how to cook rice successfully (finally!), spent long nights in the library, and have spent even more time having Justin Bieber dance parties that were #money. I fell in love, fell out of love, and then fell in love with the right person. I became an aunt. I snuck into old buildings on campus, played countless pranks on people, and had week-long sleepovers in the kitchen. I helped someone really close to me get through depression, and got through a little bit of depression myself. I decided to go through the temple.  I ate too many birthday cake milkshakes (thanks em), went bowling a thousand times, and survived being chased by a hobo in the sheep tunnels. I gave four presentations and then realized I hadn't put a bra on that morning. I skipped class. I made friends in the Elem Ed program that I don't think I'll ever lose. I married my best friend. ... And I did it all while earning my bachelors degree & majoring in Elementary Education.

Over the years here at SUU, I've tried to have three rules:

#1 Comparing your college experiences to other people's is dumb. Don't do it. 
I feel like there is this pressure when you go to college that if you aren't constantly partying & having a great time you are a college failure. Let me tell you this: There might be nights where you go out with friends and that's awesome! However, there might be nights where you find yourself just in your pajamas watching Anne of Green Gables with your roommate, and you shouldn't feel bad about it. ITS TOTALLY OKAY.   Don't hate yourself because you look on Instagram and see that other college kids did something super fun and meanwhile you were home doing your homework and trying not to kill your roommates for not doing her dishes. #we'veallbeenthere.

#2 You can do anything (even if its out of your comfort zone) for thirty minutes. 
I had a roommate my freshman year who started this whole idea. She would lure us into crazy late night ideas or boring sounding activities by simply saying, "You only have to do it for thirty minutes". And then if we whined she would just yell "THIRTY MINUTES! THIRTY MINUTES!" until we finally agreed. While at first this was kinda annoying, it eventually became the rule of our house. Because of this simple rule, we went to concerts, campus events, opera performances, firesides, parties, etc that we wouldn't have ever gone to if left up to our own choice.

I've tried to keep this motto throughout the rest of college, and it's been so rewarding. I really have to be pushed to get out of my comfort zone, so it's the perfect motivator to get out and try something new! (Plus, if you go and its totally awful, thirty minutes is the perfect amount of time to spend there before it's time to make an excuse and scram).

#3 Overall, do whatever will make you the happiest.
If you only listen to one thing I have to say, this should be it. Go somewhere quiet, grab a pad of paper, and make a list of things that make you the happiest. Maybe it's a list of 50 things. Maybe it's only got 8 things written on it. Whatever you feel covers it. Then, DO THOSE THINGS. Easy right?!

Try to do at least one every day, or every week (whatever you have time for!) Maybe your happiness requires that you spend 30 minutes a day watching funny YouTube videos. Maybe trying new recipes make you happy, or having a game night with some friends.

As an almost graduated student, I look back and have very little regrets because I always tried to choose happiness over all else. To me, happiness meant spending most weekends at home with my family + hometown friends. It meant going to the track and getting some much needed exercise to clear my head. It meant the occasional binge-watching gossip girl and grey's anatomy. Happiness was being well organized, finding time for photography, and learning how to do brush lettering. Happiness was skipping class to go to the temple with my mom, or drives up the canyon blasting country music. Bottom line, you should be happy! Take time to do your favorite things, and do them without guilt or embarrassment. I promise it will make your life feel like YOUR life, and it will make all the difference.

So, I guess this is it! As good as the last four years have been, I feel ready to close the door on this part of my life, and start getting ready for my next adventures. But first, Summer Vacation!!
Love P 

Feb 19, 2017

A Saturday with my Sister

Last Saturday I got to spend a couple hours with my little cutie sister, Chantell. It was a rainy day, but we took that as an excuse to drive around blasting country music + do a quick shoot. Southern Utah after a rain is BEAUTIFUL, and don't even get me started on this pretty little goldilocks. How can a fourteen year old be so dang beautiful? Our time together is limited since I'm living 40 minutes away, but I am so happy I had time for some sister time.

Love P

Jan 22, 2017

Warren Weekly Grams


// Make time for the things you love, and your days will seem better than ever //

Hello! I am happy to report that our small little warren family is doing great and enjoying almost six (!!) months of marriage! You've probably noticed that the ole blog has been a little neglected... which would be the understatement of the year! But I found some spare time on this quiet Sunday to quickly update you on our lives. 

Colten and I are living in Cedar City in a cute little apartment that has a million and a half quirks. (Someday I'll tell you about trying to cook in an oven that has no temperature gauge!) I am in my last semester at Southern Utah University, and am about 15 days into my first student teaching placement. Yay! I am definitely learning a lot and am so excited to be done with my degree. Colten is starting his Junior year at SUU and is staying super busy with classes, working for the fire marshall, and filming all of the SUU basketball games and gymnastic meets. It is so fun to see him down on the court doing his thing! (I just make sure I'm not within his view, or else I end up on the jumbo tron a little too often!) 

We have been married for almost six months, and we both think that we have got this marriage thing figured out. The first few months were filled with lots of growth, trials, and patience but also a huge amount of laughter, making good memories, and falling even more in love with each other. We've learned to love each other's quirks and rely on each other for everything. We don't always have a lot of time together, but we definitely work to make the most of it when we do! Life is so good with him. :) 

And now, my favorite part of blogging.. The quick list of  good things!!

moving into our new apartment & making it feel like home
starting the Elementary Block with some of my best friends
field trips to Bryce Canyon National Park
doing my practicum at Enoch Elementary with the cutest first graders
seeing one of my oldest friends get baptized
trips to the cabin on the weekend
pumpkin cookies + general conference
picnics up the canyon with colt
warm weather + good runs
pumpkin picking + all things fall 
missing the PLT... not really a good thing but noteable nonetheless 
dressing up as the seven dwarfs for the Block Party
coloring colten's handlebar mustache white for halloween 
spending time in Hurricane with my family 
teaching in Midvale for a week.. such a humbling experience! 
going to the aquarium with the girls
Jazz game + people watching with Emmy Lou
Thanksgiving with the Pearsons
scoring big during the candy bar game 
watching colten almost rip his pants during the paper bag game
christmas roadtrip to all three of the families
new years eve party with my parents + siblings
priesthood blessing from my dad 
starting my first day of student teaching at South Elementary
chick fil a and basketball with my MIL Julie
birthday celebrations with everyone
jam session with dad
pitching after two years 
my new record player that colten got me for my birthday... he's a good one!
listening to hula music + the beatles
impressing my university supervisor with my math lesson
spending the weekend all nestled in our apartment 

Love P

Aug 22, 2016

Hola From our Honeymoon

// highlights from our honeymoon to Cancun//

Hola! We returned from our honeymoon a week ago, and I already wish we could take another one! We spent a week in sunny, beautiful Cancun Mexico and it was the vacation of a lifetime. 
Here are some good things about our trip: 

Making it through the airports with only a few tiny incidents! 
Flying for the first time
Going out of the country for the first time
window seats all the way 
king sized beds
fluffy white robes
being able to sleep in
ocean + pool view out our balcony
cinnamon french toast for breakfast every day
ocean water that is as warm as a bath
getting sunburns the first day 
peacocks and iguanas everywhere
drinking smoothies in the pool
rooms that are air conditioned so we could get away from the humidity
dulce de leche ice cream 
live music during dinner
24 restaurants to choose from 
watching the olympics in spanish
hopping on a random bus and hoping we made it to downtown cancun
getting ripped off by mexican store owners
wandering through little shops and finding treasures
mcdonalds ice cream cones 
mariachi singers on the bus ride home
dinner at Cocoa.... aka the best grill and seafood restaurant known to man
fake cheesecake 
watching shows in the pyramid at night
waking up early to walk the beach
** when its actually 5:30 am and you didn't realize that's why the beach was empty
attempting to snorkel off the shore
jumping waves for hours
tropical storms
only getting 1 picture together where our eyes are opened. #photogenic 
being known as "Coke and Sprite" because we were the only ones not drinking alcohol
surviving a whole week without ice 
not having to worry about wedding plans
spending a whole week with my husband (!!!) 

We absolutely loved our trip and are so grateful to Colten's parents for sending us on such a beautiful vacation! Marriage started off spectacular, and it has only continued to get better! This new chapter of life is full of lots of growth, learning, and fun, and I think I snagged the best husband around. 
Love P

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