August 31, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

I don't know if writing two posts in one day is illegal in the blogging world, but what the heck. Rules are meant to be broken right?! [just kidding mom. i am forever obedient.] I thought i'd summarize the last few days with some Awkward & Awesome.


  • Actually tripping UP the stairs to the library at school, proving that it can be done by idiots like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I'm here until.... forever.  
  •  School yearbook pictures. They really need no explanation of why they belong in this category. 
  •  Having a conversation with someone, and then afterwards realizing you called them by the wrong name the ENTIRE time. Why must i be cursed with so much awkwardness? 
  •  When you have a substitute teacher at school, and look back to find them reading "love tips" on the computer. Not my cup of tea, let me tell ya. 
  • This little gem i found. Truthfully this belongs in both categories, because i'm not quite sure how i feel about my dad being in booty shorts. But on the other hand, the kid had swag. Go Dad. 
  • Nights spent with friends watching John Tucker Must Die and gorging yourself on Ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies. Can you say heaven?
  • My dad writing a song about some trashy people that live in Hurricane. He really should get an award for making me laugh so hard.
  • Coming home from school to hear my mom belting "That's What Makes You Beautiful". 
  • Helping in a second grade class that has the sweetest little kids in it. I am so excited to be a teacher one day!
  • Getting an unexpected text from my best friend. I love that kid. 
May your days be full of Awesomeness, and especially Awkwardness... it keeps you healthy! 
Love P

August 28, 2012

Someone I can't Live Without

Challenge Day 11

Listen up friends. I'm so stoked for this challenge because i get to tell you all about one of my best friends. My mom. 

She is the one person I honestly could not live without. 
She was born here in Hurricane, graduated from HHS, and got her bachelors degree from SUU. She got married to my dad when she was 21, taught at Union Middle School and then started our little family. She is the glue that holds our family together. She is one of the most HILARIOUS people on this earth... there's not a day that goes by that she doesn't send us all into a fit of giggles. She is smart, beautiful,  understanding, hardworking, and so loving. 

She and I have always been close, but through my teenage years we've formed a bond that is virtually unbreakable. She is one of my best friends, and i tell her anything and everything. I love to just sit and talk with her. She has such a strong testimony and spirit, and she teaches me so much. 

I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent me to her. Hopefully i can be just like her someday. 

Love P

August 26, 2012


LISTENING: to Andy Grammar's "Build Me a Girl." I love it! It feels so fresh and sunshiney!

WATCHING: Lost. We just started watching it on Netflix, and i'm totally hooked. Also, throw Lost and some One Tree Hill all together and i am the worlds happiest girl.

EATING: Honey Bunches of Oats, the Cinnamon kind. I think today I've consumed almost a whole box. It could get to be a problem people....(my vision of the future) "Hi. I'm Paisley and i'm addicted to Cereal." "HI PAISLEY."    I might need an intervention.

DRINKING: Some good ole H20. I love drinking water, and have just been given the job of keeping my kidney's healthy so that one day i can give one to momma. (She's not really big on the whole water thing.)

FEELING: Like I've been hit by a train. I've recently acquired a lovely cold, and im just glad the worst hit on the weekend so i can go into a napping coma. Kleenex + Vix Vapor Rub just became my new best friends.

WEATHER: It's still pretty hot here in Hurricane, UT. Right now the skies are blue and telling me to stay inside where there is a steady stream of air conditioning.

WANTING: a maid who can walk the dog, finish my Statistics homework, and clean my room for me.

NEEDING: A longer weekend. Seriously, whoever made up the calendar system must have been one of those cheery, Monday loving people. I, however, think we should only have 2 days a week that school and waking up early are required. Who's with me?

THINKING:  "The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best." -Henry Van Dyke

ENJOYING: Learning new things everyday, experiencing the Lord's tender mercies, and little moments of sheer happiness that couldn't come at a more needed time.

WISHING: I could see my best friends again. It seems like a lifetime ago that they all left. But on the plus side, my amazing cousin Kassara just called me from Ecuador, and she pretty much just made my life.

Love P

August 23, 2012

Celebrating Life

Throughout my life, I have been greatly blessed with a grandfather who supports, loves, and cares for me. Today marks two years since my amazing grandpa, Glenn Stratton, passed away. However, his legacy still lives on. 
Some of my earliest memories are with Grandpa nearby, smiling and teasing me. When I was young and we would stay at Grandma and Grandpa's, Cait and I had a tradition. Every morning we would wake up, scramble to their bedroom, and crawl into the warm covers between them. Grandma would turn on "Rollie Pollie Ollie" and we would watch until it was breakfast time. This was my favorite part of the day growing up.
I have never known a more gracious man than my grandpa. Since he had been blessed with many things, he was always the first one to help someone out in need and share what he had. Grandpa showed me the true meaning of service. Through him, i learned that when you help others, you can't help but make yourself feel better.

I know he loved me, because of the things he taught me. 
Grandpa taught me the value of working hard. He is one of the most hardworking men i have ever known. From a young age, Grandpa was taught to work hard to provide for others. This dominoed into a lifetime of hard work, and determination. After serving in Korea, he started a construction business with his brothers, Interstate Rock Products. It is still successfully operating today. Grandpa taught his children how to work, and they taught us. Grandpa loved to go to Kolob or to a job and help out. He never let anyone stop him from working hard. He was working right alongside other able bodied men even in his old age. He always encouraged us to give 110% in everything we did.
Grandpa taught me that Family is the most important thing in life. He loved to take us on four-wheeler rides, go fishing with us, take us on rides in his truck, or just talk with us. He was very family focused, and i really believe that our family is so close because of my grandpa. He was the light of the room. He could make anyone laugh.  His piercing blue eyes almost always had a little sparkle in them. He also taught me that we should love everyone, even if they make mistakes.  
My grandpa had a great love for the gospel. He loved the Savior, and frequently told us this. He had a great testimony, and hearing his greatly strengthened mine. He served in many church positions, and greatly influenced many people's life through his service in the LDS church. 

My grandpa loved to tell stories. Often, after the dinner dishes were cleared, we could get Grandpa telling about his childhood and high school pranks, and other outrageous things. He told us about his first kiss, and how he fell off the porch because he was so scared. Once we even got him to talk about when he served in Korea, which only a few family members have heard about in detail. Oh how he could laugh! Once he got started, he could keep going for hours. I loved learning about what made my grandpa the great person he was. 
 One of my favorite memories of my grandpa occurred when i was about 12 years old. We had gone over to drop something off at their house, and as we went inside we found it empty. Venturing outside, we found a sight I will never forget as long as i live. Grandpa was sitting in his pajama bottoms and his brown Interstate Rock shirt in the orchard. He had a chocolate Fudge-sickle in one hand, and his pellet gun in the other. Before he noticed we had stepped outside, he lifted the pellet gun and with one hand proceeded to shoot a bird right out of his apple tree. As the bird fell to the ground, my jaw dropped. I had heard stories of my grandpa's amazing shooting ability, but had never seen such an acrobatic trick in all my life. Well, Grandpa went on lickin' that fudge sickle like nothing had happened. Right about then, he turned and saw us staring. Grandpa got a guilty smile on his face. We learned that grandma had gone to book club, and Grandpa had sauntered right out and assumed his position to exterminate the fruit destroyers. To this day, this memory still makes me laugh. 

I love my Grandpa Stratton so much. He has done so many things for me, and i will be forever grateful for  him. Grandpa was in the hospital for 3 weeks prior to his passing. Luckily, he got to a point where we could visit him. A week before his passing, i got to go visit him. I am so glad that God gave me this last opportunity to tell my grandpa how much i loved him. When i walked into the room that night, everything seemed right. Grandpa was reclined on the hospital bed, with his hands behind his head like he was perfectly fine. He was wearing his tan Interstate Rock shirt, and pajama bottoms. Just like the day we found him shooting the birds. I had a feeling that this might be the last time i would see my grandpa, but i felt at peace. I have always and will forever picture my grandpa how he was that night. Happy, loving, and in a joking mood. And as i write this final memory, i find tears forming in my eyes. I know my grandpa loved me because the last thing i would ever hear from his mouth was, "I have the prettiest granddaughter in the whole world. I am proud of you. I love you. I'll see you soon."

August 20, 2012

The Weekend in Words

This weekend has been full of frustration, laughs, tears, excitement, and grins with a little side of bittersweet. And since I would totally botch any explanation of the last couple days, I'll just let these do the talking. 

Love p

Never Ending Love

I am so blessed in my life to have an amazing family. My mom's entire side of the family lives here in Hurricane, and as a result we are very close. I am especially close to my girl cousins. There are eight of us that were born within six years of each other, and over the years we've formed a little "Gang" of girl cousins. Wanna meet them? okay. i thought you would!  
Lets start from left to right:
Carly: She's 18 and super athletic, fun, and independent. She is attending BYU this fall and will be playing on their basketball team.
Shyanne: She's a sophmore in high school and loves horses. She can be quiet and shy at times, but she's such a sweet heart and loves to laugh.
Kassara: She's 22 and loves to dance and be crazy. She has been teaching dance and attending Dixie State College for the past few years, but is leaving to go do humanitarian work in Ecuador and Guatemala. She and I are super close and even though she's almost 5 years older than me, we still hangout every week.
Me: I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I love to play softball and go on bike rides.
Caitlin: She's 19 and just got married in march. She was the first of the gang to get married. She loves the outdoors and finding new recipes so she can wreak havoc in the kitchen.... Just kidding. She's my sister so i'm allowed to give her a hard time.
Cierra: She's 16 and loves to play sports and read. She is so fun to be around. She also plays softball with me, so we spend everyday together from march to may. I love her to death.
Madison: She's 19 and is a sophmore at Weber State University. She is very outgoing and loves to have fun. She has the biggest heart and loves everyone.
Jessica: She's 18 and is starting college this fall. She loves the outdoors, reading, and helping people. She loves to do humanitarian projects and wants to be a Social Worker someday. She has a vibrant personality and she's so sweet.

We do everything together. Sleepover, Hike, play sports, go support each other at games and performances, and just love being together. Most sunday nights you can find us at my Grandma's house, tucked in a corner talking and catching up. These girls are literally my best friends, and i know i could talk to them about pretty much anything.

However, as people do, most of them have graduated from high school and are going off on their own adventures. This weekend has been especially hard and full of goodbyes. Carly, Jessica, and Madison leave for college tomorrow, Kassara is going to Ecuador and Guatamala for three months and left today, and Caitlin leaves Thursday to move to Washington. As happy as i am for them to go explore the big bad world, i feel sad and a little left behind. It will be a hard few months until we all see each other again.... But i know that time will fly by and soon we'll be talking and laughing about crazy experiences. I love you girls so much! Thank you for being there for me.

May your days be full of sunshine,
Love P

August 17, 2012

An Amazing Woman

Today I've been thinking about this beautiful, strong, amazing lady. This is my grandmother, Karen Stratton. She is one of the most hardworking, loving woman i know, and i wanted to share her with you a little bit today. 
 Because of her and my equally amazing grandfather, a legacy has been built. My grandma has always taught hard-work  service, love, and family importance. Since my grandpa passed away 2 years ago, she has been the rock of our family. Sure, there have been times when she has felt shaky, but at the end of the day, she is the foundation on which our family of +60 has been leaning on. 

She is an amazing woman who is so strong in her beliefs, and has always been willing to serve others. She has a subtle sense of humor, and i could sit and listen to her talk for hours. Some of my favorite memories of my Grandma Stratton consist of long talks or just sitting in silence holding her hand. Oh how i love her. 

Love P

August 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

  • Going to the wedding of people you don't know... "Hey, congrats! You don't know me, but you look really pretty!! Have a great marriage!" yeah. not on my list of things to do again people.
  • Wearing out your welcome at someones house. 
  • Coming out of the bathroom with your shirt tucked in your underwear.... cute, i know.
  • Pulling up next to a car at a red light, to see your math teacher yelling at his kids. I unsuccessfully tried not to laugh
  • When weddings have dancing at the end.. So dreamy, let me tell ya. 
  • Going on a late night stroll, and eating Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream on a park bench.
  • Sunday nights at grandma's house where the following expressions can be heard: "Are they fighting with breadsticks?!"  and   " I bet he burned his britches right off!!" 
  • Sleepovers that consist of Chocolate Mudslide Cake, Rocketman, and lots of laughter. 
  • Going to the temple with your best friend and his siblings. 
  • Reading a book in the sun
  • Homemade Peach Cobbler.... (que chorus of angels)
  • Softball games under the lights

Hope you had as great a weekend as I did! 

August 9, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Lately I've been thinking about how great my life has been so far. Sure, there have been countless trials, but overall it's been a great ride. There are so many things I have learned to love, and I thought I'd share some of those! So here's a list of some of the best things in life:

my dad singing the high harmony of a song during a long trip
sitting on the front porch with a blanket during a rainstorm
new people that instantly become your friend
butterflies in my stomach (the good kind)
watching football games under the lights
napping in the sun with music blasting
talking about boys with my momma
hugs & words of encouragement
waffles with homemade syrup
holding my grandma's hand
long walks under the stars
laughing uncontrollably
having boys for friends
new adventures 
time to think 

Have a splendid day!

August 6, 2012

The Best Two Months

As the summer comes to a close, I'm realizing just how much fun I've had the last couple of months. Pretty much every day has been jam-packed, but I've gone and done amazing things, and i wouldn't trade it for the world. Lets start at the very beginning, shall we? 
 ^ This picture was taken at graduation. Here's me with some of the most amazing girls ever. This day was dreaded for months, because it meant that most my friends were moving on without me. Sad Sad. 
 ^This beaut was taken at Red Cliffs National Reserve. We had ourselves a little cookout, went hiking, and the girl gang stopped to pose with our lovely, amazing, hilarious, grandma. Seriously, I have the best family ever. 

The next few were taken on our family trip to Oceanside, CA. We went with my cousins and had the best time ever. I wish I could just live on the boardwalk and eat fish and chips for the rest of my life. If only!

 ^ Mom and Pop showing off their "High School Musical" jumps. 
 ^ Look! We made a....distorted heart!!!
 ^ This is me with my BEAUTIFUL cousin Kassara. She and her sister, Madison are seriously two of my best friends. God must love us to have us be friends, and cousins too! 
^ You have NO idea how much coercing it took to get these two boys to pose next to this Pirate dummy. It was a miracle and a half, let me tell ya. 

^ We bought some LOVELY 30 cent sweaters at a mexican swap meet and sang songs to random surfers and beach goers. Hoorah for craziness!!
^ The second week of June, I went to Girls State, which can be explained in one sentence. ahem... No sleep, No boys, No gum, Lots of fun.  That was a sentence right??!! 
 ^ My fourth of July was spent trekking through the CAPTIVATING (ha. ha.) land of Wyoming. Although I will never complain about sleeping on a carpeted floor again, it was a beyond amazing experience and I would experience it over and over again. 

 Now to one of the best parts. I attended a leadership camp at Southern Utah University called Governor's Honors Academy for 10 days, and learned so much. I met the best kids ever, went hiking in Zion, watched Les Miserables at the Shakespearean Festival, went 10 days without sleep, and gained a totally new perspective on life. At the end of the 10 days, I was glad to come home and see the fam, but I had some serious withdrawals from my fellow GHA'ers for quite some time. 
 ^ This is my Personal Development group. I don't know how we got so lucky, but we had THE best counselor in the world.  The kids in the group were amazing! We're a good looking group eh? 
 ^ More huggy group pictures. Yay! 
 ^ This is Brandon. He's from Kanab and seriously so funny. 
 ^This is my beyond incredible roommate, Camille. She is from Delta, and quiet at first, but once you get to know her.... you can't stop loving her. She's smart, thoughtful, loving, and everything else you could want in a roommate. And she's beautiful to boot! 

Our summer ended up with a spontaneous trip to Salt Lake City to visit the grandparents. 
 ^ This is me and my brother Caleb at Apollo Burger, home of the best Pastrami burger on this green earth. Ahh.... I could eat a thousand and never think twice. 
 ^ Me and my sister Chantell at our Pioneer Day barbecue. Naturally, Grandpa Pearson cooked his delicious honey-glazed ham, and Aunt Shirley made her fruit ice cream. When both those things are on the table, you know that you are loved. 
 ^ Enjoying a Salt Lake Bees Game

^ This kid is half crazy I swear. But you'll never meet a cuter 6 year old on planet earth. Don't tell the other kids, but he's kinda my favorite.

Well, that in a nut shell is what my summer days have been filled with! 
Thanks for reading
Love P

To New Adventures

Hey there. This whole blogging thing is new to me, but I decided it would be a great way to document and share some of my experiences as I go through this crazy thing called life. I'm about to start my senior year in high school ( holy moly... when did I get so old??!!) and Im super thrilled for what life has in store for me! Feel free to look around, and come visit again okay?

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