August 29, 2013

Lessons Learned week #1

Things I've learned at College in the first week:

  1. There is no shame in crying when you're mom leaves on move in day
  2. Single rooms are like the holy grail of college 
  3. On your first few days you will feel like throwing up, laughing, and crying all at the same time, and its perfectly normal.
  4. The dollar store will become your best friend. You can get all your food and billions of other things and guess what?! It's all a dollar!!! 
  5. The sooner you be yourself around the roomies the better.
  6. You are totally in charge of your own education. Your mom isn't here to make you get out of bed for your 8:30 class and you have to be totally responsible for all the academic stuff.
  7. Free food is everywhere. Even if you have to pretend you want to become a Buddhist monk, ITS WORTH IT. The less money you have to spend on food the better!
  8. Always make sure you've bought the right math book. Otherwise you will not only have done all the homework wrong, but you'll have to sell your internal organs to buy the right textbook. (yes. I'm talking from experience)
  9. The best of friendships can come with the most unlikely people
  10. The boy to girl ratio is about 30 to 1 and half the boys are either not attractive or taken. Oi. 
  11. Institute is one of the best parts of the week. It's so nice to get away from all the craziness of campus and go feel the spirit for an hour! Plus, cute boys are in there so who wouldn't want to go right?!
  12. There are so many different people on this earth. I've already met so many interesting and different people here its crazy. 
  13. BE YOURSELF. If you feel pressure to be something you're not, just walk away. You don't have to change one bit to fit in. There are so many people out there, you don't have to conform to how a group of people act.
  14. Take what you've been given and try to make the best out of the situation. Things might not always be easy, but I promise Heavenly Father doesn't give us things we could not succeed at. 
  15. College is great. The sooner you decide to love it, the better it will be.
I've already learned so much in the last seven days.
I know that this is where i'm supposed to be, even if it's hard!
Have a great week!! 
Love P

hello from suu

So, once upon a time I thought it would be easy to just bust out blog posts every day when I started college.... Yeah. Obviously that isn't going as well as I was hoping, but I'll try and catch you up on life here at SUU.

Last Wednesday I packed up all my stuff and drove to Cedar with my momma and moved into my apartment. It is on campus and such a good place to be. I lucked out and got my own room, which turns out is the best thing that's happened since pb & j. The first few days here were some of the hardest i've ever had and I was so homesick. I just wanted to hop in my car, get on I-15 and never come back to college. I hadn't quite gotten to know my roommates very well and I basically felt so lost. But then Saturday night it was like the world had done a total 360 and everything started getting so much better! After a quick visit home to be reassured that I could still survive college, I came back and went to a crazy fun dance at the centrum and HOLY COW. I have never danced so crazy in my life. It was so fun and I hung out with my roommates all night, who turn out to be the greatest, funniest, best girls i've ever known. I dont know what I did to deserve such great roommates but I am just so thankful I don't have a crazy meth head or something living in the apartment with me.

I am finally starting to get a hang of this college thing, and I'm actually loving it at times. It is still a big adjustment, but it's getting better all the time. Classes started on monday and I haven't committed suicide yet, so BONUS.

Well, I won't keep boring you with all my meaningless rambles. But just know I'm alive and well and I'll try to post more often about college life.

Love P

August 14, 2013

Awks and Awesome: End of Summer Edition


  • Accidentally sending a snapchat to the wrong person. Which normally wouldn't be that big a deal right? WRONGO. Because the picture I sent was in the middle of an ugly face competition and instead of sending it to Christine, I sent it to Logan, which made for an even more awkward apology snap to try and fix my pride. 
  • The fact that I've done that ^^^ more times this week than I care to count.
  • Belting out Phantom of the Opera songs with Christine at work, and having a customer walk in right at the big chorus. And Christine just zoomed right out of sight and into the backroom and left me all alone to look like a complete idiot while I frantically tried to pause the song. Then even more awkward was the fact that I tried to act like he had not just witnessed me doing dreadful dance moves and said "What can I do for you?" in my sweet little work voice. 
  • Writing Christine's phone number on one of the receipts at work, and accidentally handing it to our old principal KPed. hahahahahaahahahahahahaahahah. And then he looked at it, then back at me, and I just slammed that sliding door and tried not to pee my pants all over the newly swept floor. 
  • going to the softball field last night to turn on the lights before our little get together and finding two people making out. hardcore. And I just said a little "hi guys" and they just went back to business and I just went on with my own business and it was like a little wierd bonding moment of being a third wheel in the strangest way. Ten points to Gryffindor!!! 
  • Watching ghost videos on YouTube and being so jumpy that when a fly buzzed near my head I screamed bloody murder. 
  • How much junk I had in my room all these years. I've started the packing process, and you wouldn't believe how many love notes, young women handouts, and ticket stubs have been hiding out in my room. On the plus side though, those love notes gave me some pretty great laughs.


  •  Getting to spend Christine's last day of work with her. And boy did we ever go out in style. There were cinnamon rolls, mustache pictures, celine dion songs, long chats about boys, and lots of laughs. It was seriously one of the very best days of work EVER.
  • The peaches on our trees are ready to eat! I've already consumed probably 156 pounds of fresh peaches, but hey. That's the best part of August right? 
  • talks that last long into the night
  • playing again with all my girls under the lights these last few weeks. It's like a little piece of home has been found again. So many laughs, jokes, and Dotson imitations it's not even funny. 
  • Not having to go to school with all the other kids today, because guess what? I'm done with high school! AH YEAH. 
  • I'm getting so excited to go up to cedar in a few weeks. I am just ready for some new faces, new adventures, and new things to learn. 
Have a most awesome Wednesday, and be a little awkward will ya? 
Love P 

August 9, 2013

Cabins, Canoes, and a Catch-up


I have been meaning to get these lovely pictures up for a while now, and I'm just now getting around to it. Anyways, last Sunday after church and work we snuck up to the cabin and had ourselves a nice little mini-vacation. It was BEAUTIFUL there and guess what? It was 65 degrees. I know. Perfect right?
We spent most of the evening at the lake canoeing our little hearts out and singing Pocahontas songs as we glided across the glassy water. The boys hopped in one and us girls hopped in another canoe, and it was like we were the only ones alive out there on that little lake of paradise. 


The best part of it all was spending time with my sweet family and making memories that will always be around. Have a lovely day! Oh. and some A&A's are just around the corner. 
Love P

August 3, 2013

Regrets & Re-Do's

Last week I was talking with a friend about how good high school actually was. We talked for hours about what we would do differently if we could do it all over again. I've been constantly thinking about all the things I would change if I had another chance to "do-over" the last four years of school. Here's 25 things that I would be sure to do or not do again. 

  1. I would go to all the little dances after the football games even if they were stupid
  2. I would worry less about what other people thought about me
  3. I would spend more time at the batting cages
  4. I would spend less time applying for scholarships
  5. I would just let that boy kiss me in the parking lot
  6. I would spend less time worrying about school and just relax
  7. I would spend more time going to activities with my sister
  8. I would get to know people earlier
  9. I would not wear half the things I wore my sophomore year
  10. I would not take the AP statistics test
  11. I would stopped being a scaredy-cat and done the homecoming pageant my senior year
  12. I would take some more risks
  13. I would not waste so much time at home
  14. I would not spend time being mad at the people I loved
  15. I would tell that boy that I loved him
  16. I would spend more time at the baseball field
  17. I would bean Brytni Gurney in that last softball game
  18. I would spend more time with my grandpa
  19. I would go over during lunch to play piano for my grandma
  20. I would get my patriarchal blessing earlier
  21. I would have more confidence in myself
  22. I would spend my money smarter
  23. I would eat better
  24. I would not let some friendships go by the wayside
  25. I would make sure there were no regrets
Life is a funny thing. We spend time doing things that seem so important to us at the time, but they really aren't. On the other hand, we hold ourselves back from doing things that in the long run could be life-changers. It's become a goal to take more risks, not make choices that i'll regret, and continue trying to get through life with as much joy, happiness, and success as possible. Here's wishing you the same. 
Love P

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