December 20, 2013

Open When Missionary Letters

I've had a few people ask for the exacts of what I put into the "Open When" letters I recently put together for one of my good friends, so here they are!

#1 Open Now:
     letter explaining how the envelopes work

#2 Open When It's Your One Year Mark:
     Balloons with messages written on them
     Party Poppers

#3 Open When You're Lonely

#4 Open Just Because
     Spiritual Assistance Directory


#5 Open When You've Had a Bad Day
      Talk- "Behold we count them happy that endure" by Robert D Hales

#6 Open When You've Had a Great Day


#7 Open When It's Christmas Eve
     Christmas Talk - "Christmas is Love" by Thomas S Monson
     Twas the Night Before Christmas
      Hot Cocoa
      Candy Canes
      Christmas Card


#8 Open When You Need To Know Someone Loves You
     Talk - "The Power of God's Love" by John H Groberg
     Talk - "You Matter to Him" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
     30 awesome things about them
     Heart cut outs "Heart Attack"

#9 Open When You Need An Extra Push
     Motivational Quotes
    Talk - "Endure and Be Lifted Up" by Russell M. Nelson
     Pep Talk from Kid President CD


#10 Open When You Need a Laugh
     Cheesy Laffy Taffy Jokes
     List of Funny Memories


#11 Open When You're Worried About the Future
     Talk - "Beautiful Mornings" by Bruce D Porter

Hopefully that helps! If you have any questions feel free to comment below. 
Love P

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