December 30, 2014

telli turns twelve


// twelve //

Our sweet chantell turned twelve today, and we have had such a great time with her! This morning, we started our day off with some french toast, and then ran out the door to the temple to be with Chantell as she went to do baptisms for the dead for the first time! It was so fun being there to help her + explain things about the temple. She had wide eyes the whole time and came away totally loving the experience. *fist pump* 

This afternoon I was also able to throw a birthday party for Chantell + her friends. It turned out so cute, and I am so happy that everything went so well! Chantell is turning into quite the beauty and has such a fun and bright spirit.  (wow! I sounded like a grandma just barely....oh well. ) She definitely brings sunshine into our home and I am so lucky to have her as my sister! Happy 12th Telli! We love you and can't wait to spend many more birthdays with you + your pretty smile! 

Love P

Christmas Break in Black + White


// highlights from december //

Finishing my third semester of college 
Moving home for the break 
Getting packages in the mail 
Spending my days with mom in the kitchen 
Sleeping in my own bed with my favorite sheets 
Christmas shopping (that never ends!)
Testimony meetings that are bursting with the spirit 
Piano performances that go great (by some miracle) 
Having Jess come home from serving a mission in Spokane, Washington
Ice skating + applebees with my favorite girls in the whole world
Catching up on all the things we've missed during the past few months
Working a few days at Sand Hollow + catching up with work friends
Being the only young person at the work party *insert laughing while crying emoji*
Getting packages ready to send + wrapping gifts for siblings
Ebelskievers + hashbrowns for breakfast on Christmas Eve
Caitlin + Charles staying with us for the holidays
I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!!! So excited for little baby canfield to come in july!!
Christmas Eve festivities + traditions with the family
Sleeping over with the kids in the hotel room... With us all on the same mattress!
Breakfast at grandma's on Christmas morning
discovering some pictures of my grandpa that are AWESOME
talking with ty on mondays
Setting up for chantell's birthday party
Having Lexi + Dawson with us for a few days 

...maybe I better stop there, or else I might go on for forever! 
Hope your holiday season was full of cheer + happiness
Love P

November 29, 2014

Christmas Time in the City


/// a little holiday excursion ///

When we spend the Thanksgiving weekend in northern utah, we absolutely love it. We get to spend time with the Pearson side of the family and it is always so fun to spend time with those that we love and miss! These last few years we've started the tradition of going to see the temple lights the day after Thanksgiving, and it is probably one of my favorite nights of the whole year. We drive into the city and ride TRAX up to temple square, and basically the whole night my eyes are filled with tears [I definitely let the waterworks happen a little too often]. Although we are there with basically every other person in the salt lake valley, there is no better way than to welcome the Christmas season! We love to see the candy window displays at the old ZCMI building, listen to the carolers, and just take in the beauty of all the lights. As we walked around the city, I couldn't help but sing these words to myself:

City sidewalks busy sidewalks 
dressed in holiday style
In the air there's a feeling of Christmas
Children laughing, people passing, 
meeting smile after smile
And on every street corner you'll hear
Silver bells silver bells, 
It's Christmas time in the city
ring- a- ling hear them ring, 
soon it will be Christmas day.

Probably the sweetest moment of the night was watching my mom and little Caleb sit and just look at the temple for about 15 minutes straight. I think those two are definitely made of the same stuff, because they sat and talked and were lost to the world for those few minutes. Caleb also wanted to see the Christus at the visitors center, so we waited in line for half an hour just so that he could get the full experience. It was so so worth it. Taking a few minutes to remind ourselves that Christ was the reason for our happiness was just what I needed. As much as I love the lights, the glimmer, the crazy midnight shopping trips, and the pretty decorations, the thing I love most about christmas is the constant reminder of our Savior. He truly is the greatest gift we could ever receive, and through him I have been blessed with so much happiness. I am so grateful for Him, my family, and the many other blessings in my life. 

As December gets started, I feel so full of joy and Christmas cheer. Spending time at temple square always gets our holiday season started on a good note, and I can't wait to see what other good things December brings!
Love P

November 24, 2014



// things i loved about november//
setting up our college xmas tree
strawberry shakes + long drives with c
roadtrips with the family almost every weekend
treating myself to some new clothes
first real snow of the semester
uno + ice cream with the neighbor boys
watching my dad + his football boys in the state championship
visiting old friends at work
writing xmas cards on sunday afternoons
ice skating with syd + c
baking holiday treats
watching hallmark christmas movies
getting 100% on my geology test
apollo burger with my momma
finding time to play the piano
Love P

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