May 24, 2014

the peach and the pits


just peachy:
late morning breakfasts on mothers day
having four sundays off in a row
late night drives
feeding the ducks at grandpa's pond
naps at 10:30 in the morning
bike rides with mom
evening pea-picking parties
mustache and unibrow selfies
working with my favorite people
temple trips with kelc
people who are good listeners
top plays on sports center
little league games that are actually exciting
clean sheets

the pits:
rude people at the lake
closing every night
conversations that go bad
teaching a primary class full of zoo animals
baptistery being closed
forgetting my memory card at junie's game
being humiliated by my boss at work

May 3, 2014

the peach and the pits


just peachy:
pretty purple sunsets while working on photography final
my favorite smells filling my backyard
fresh spring blooms in all shades of pink
sitting in a diner for four hours having one last talk with Kennedy
totally killing my math final. BOOYAH.
packing up and moving out of eccles
moving in an unpacking at home for the summer
girl talk
emailing tyler for almost an hour
watching the bro's play baseball on warm breezy nights
bike rides #HEAVEN
shopping with cait and mom
realizing that God's timing has been there all along
laying out on the tramp
looking at the stars
pancakes + country music

the pits:
windy days
greasy food that makes you sick your last night at college
phone calls that bring bad news
getting my work schedule, never working with friends
missing christine's jokes and advice
seeing people make bad decisions
forgetting something important in cedar
constantly having to refill my gas tank

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