August 6, 2014

checking in


 August came out of no where, agreed?? I literally feel like just a few days ago it was May. I guess time flies when you're having fun. (; It's been a crazy week full of puddle fights at work, rainy sundays, long drives with good friends, and adventures in the hospital.  I had surgery on my leg yesterday, and everything went really well. {Except for the part where I could literally feel EVERYTHING}. Now I just get to hobble around the house on a leg that looks like its been stung by ten billion wasps, and wait for surgery again next week! 

Honestly, right now I just feel so blessed to have so many family members and friends who love me and help me through some hard times. Life is crazy right now, but oh so good. Heavenly Father lets me know through little tender mercies and insights that this is exactly what he has had planned for me, and realizing that has made a world of difference. 

Happy August friends!
Love P

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