June 14, 2015

snippets of summer


// Highlights of May + June //

grafton trip with friends
holding new baby lambs
flower shopping w/ mom
gunlock adventure with christine
lunch + dancing on the dock
kayaking + deep life talks
late night talks on the sand hollow dock
swimming @ kay + harleys everyday
riding our bikes to grams to pick cherries
star wars marathon for our big money movie
taking dyl + chantell to the temple
meeting my possible soul mate there ^^
watching old home videos
hiking up the cinder knoll w/ ty
watching my dad's 7 on 7 practices at night 
looking through old yearbooks + laughing with friends
puzzles at the cabin
dyl giving me endless underdogs at the big swing
lunch w/ logan during quagga training
^^surviving quagga training
working with christine + having the whole office to ourselves
italian dinner night 
going to tuacahn w/ kass
having the unique chance to go to church with my grandma
being able to laugh at a frustrating surgery situation
finishing THREE books this week
seeing old friends come home from their missions
night swims

Summer is in full swing, and I am loving every minute of it!
I'm lucky to have such good friends + family who make life pure bliss.
Love P

a mountain weekend with the boys



This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with the boys while mom + telly were up at girls camp. I am always so happy when I get to spend time with just my brothers and my dad, because we always have so much fun! We went up to the mountain and spent a few days four- wheeling, canoeing, fishing, eating, and lounging around the cabin.

 My favorite part was spending time with Dyl out on the lake. It was early afternoon and the water was just like glass. We had the whole place to ourselves, so I made Dyl paddle me around Noah Calhoun style so I could take pictures. We had ourselves a nice little afternoon, singing songs, talking about life, and chasing baby geese around the pond. 

Being up on Kolob always makes me so grateful for my family + the blessings that I have. I am constantly reminded of the good memories I have of  fishing with my grandpa, catching crawdads with the cousins, taking late night walks around the loop, and spending endless hours with people that I love. Life definitely becomes simpler up there, and I was grateful for the chance to de-stress from work + home life and spend time up on the mountain. 

Hope your summer months are full of fun
Love P

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