September 16, 2015

A five second post

hola friends!
five quick things:

1. I'm convinced Cedar is a little slice of heaven
2. I haven't cooked a real meal all week
3. Smoothies fix a bad case of the Wednesdays every time
4. I'm pretty sure Em is the only one who looks good in overalls
5. SUNFLOWERS GUYS. #youdarealmvp

Love P

A Place Of Love and Beauty

// "The purpose of the endowment is to prepare for exaltation, 
not merely to prepare for marriage or a mission." //

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to enter the St. George temple and take out my personal endowments. It was a day filled with new learning opportunities and promises that made my heart swell. Making the decision to go through the temple has been the best I've made so far in this life, and as I felt the love of my Heavenly Father in His sacred house, I knew that every preparation and sacrifice made to get there was more than worth it. I have never felt more beautiful than when I dressed in white and got a blip of insight into how our Father views us - as His sons and daughters whom he loves and wants nothing more than to have us back with Him. 

I am so blessed. Blessed to have loving parents who have been an example of righteousness and covenant keeping. Blessed to have family who all showed up to support me. Blessed to have both roommates in attendance with me. Blessed to be part of this gospel. Blessed to know what I know. Blessed to be a daughter of God. 

Love P

September 8, 2015

The Good Life

Hey there. It's me, coming in hot from Cedar City! These last few weeks have been full of meeting new people, doing new things, and starting off a new year at SUU. 
                                           AND GUYS. I HAVE AWESOME ROOMMATES.
I've been waiting for two years to have roommates who I get along with pretty well and can have fun with!! And this year surely delivered. 
My girl Emilee has been my saving grace so far, and I cant even count how many good laughs and good talks we've had over the course of the last three weeks. Having her here with me is certainly a blessing and I love having a kindred spirit just a few steps away. 
Classes are going great, I have the best schedule known to man, and I am making lots of new friends along the way. I finally feel like I have the hang of college (oops. only took three years) and I can honestly say that I am loving life up here in this tiny town. 

Fall is just around the corner, and I already love it. 
Sometimes you have to be patient for goodness to come, 
but when it does ITS PERFECT.

Love P

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